Hot mix Asphalt concrete at ACC is sold per 1 metric ton. For an exact quotation please ask our dispatcher. Call the Asfaltcentrale at (+5999) 433 8550.

Unlesss your company has an account with ACC all deliveries are C.O.D. Payment must be made before the amount of hot mix asphalt concrete is placed/dumped in your truck.

road_asphalt_willemstadYou can deposit the amount of your order on our MCB bank account no. 144 068 03 in the name of Asfaltcentrale Curaçao. You will then receive a deposit voucher with which you can go to the counter at Curaçaose Wegenmaatschappij (CWM). After approval of your payment you get a coupon with a number on it. Call the Asfaltcentrale (433 8550) and tell the dispatcher the number. You are then given a date when your order will be ready for pick up.

Hot mix asphalt concrete is 170 degrees Celcius and must be handled with precaution. A properly equipped vehicle is therefore a must.