Asphalt Concrete
For building and maintaining roads ACC has two types of densegraded asphalt concrete: Top Layer (DAB) and binder (OAB). Both types of asphalt concrete are regulated by specifications set by UOOW.

DAB (fine graded) is used for the top layer and for repair work. This asphalt concrete is produced in 3 different types
• DAB 0/11
• DAB 0/16
• DAB 0/22

OAB (coarse grated) is used as binder. We sell 2 different types:
• OAB 0/16
• OAB 0/22

HWA For small repairs
ACC offers HWA( finegraded). HWA is a specially design hot mix asphalt concrete which is the ideal way to finish a small parking lot, walking trails or playground but is also suitable to finish tennis or basketball courts.

We offer 3 types of HWA
• HWA 0/6
• HWA 0/8
• HWA 0/11

Special orders
You can also order other types of asphalt concrete. This can be made on request. Like colored asphalt concrete or polymer asphalt concrete.

ACC is capable of producing in excess of 180.000 tons of hot-mix asphalt concrete per year